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The Bus of Mood


James is the director of the product development department of a company that produces items made from environmentally and friendly materials, working at the company for nearly 5 years as an intern, James becomes the head of the department thanks to a variety of initiatives that have helped the company win major design awards and thereby gains orders from corporations around the world.

James is the pride of his parents, his young wife, and his one-year-old child. In the eyes of his colleagues, James is at the peak of happiness.

That afternoon, Lisa passed by James’s office, stuck her head in, and said in a low voice: “Hey James, do you know any news?”

James lifted his head, looked away from the computer screen, bewildered “What news, Lisa?”

“I heard that our boss just lost a few houses by the bank, this year the real estate bubble burst,” Lisa said

James intends to turn his head to the screen again to continue his work because he did not want to discuss outside matters, only answered Lisa “really!”

However, as James supported the secret story she was trying to share, Lisa continued:

“The company is also frozen by the bank, heard that our boss has to cut staff, the whole company is rumbling about it, you don’t know yet ?”

John was attracted to Lisa’s words, but James had not responded yet, Lisa continued, “Looks like his department has also been blacklisted.”

“Really? Who told you that?” James felt his stomach tighten and asked.

Lisa shook her head. “I can’t speak, maybe nothing will happen, but you should know first.”


Lisa has left James’s office, but her words still lingering in James’s mind making him unable to concentrate on working, James sits with his legs stretched, leaning back in the chair and knitting hands together, hands behind nape. He was dumbfounded, planning tonight to have dinner with his family and then taking his wife and children for a walk to the mall is no longer a priority, instead, it is a mood of anxiety and fear.

James took the bus and sat in the last row, normally he used to look through the window to see the motorbikes crowded after work, but today his mind was occupied by a series of questions: What about getting fired? Where to get money to raise children? Is the plan to buy a home with monthly installments going bankrupt? How will I inform my wife? From the time he gave birth to the present, his wife stayed at home to take care of the child according to his request; without income, she would be very worried.

James felt his mood slide quickly, from nervousness, restlessness to depression.

He started thinking about the company, thinking about his boss: How many years of dedication to the company were I fired? Could this company be so unintentional? what if his boss had not invested in real estate? who is the boss without the bottomless greed?

The more he thought that James was more resentful and angry because he felt he was right, the company and his boss were wrong. He also intended to copy all documents in the company to give to a competitor to avenge the company’s nonsense.


As he was absorbed in thoughts and immersed in feelings of frustration, fear, and anger, James’s phone screen unconsciously lit up, as his anger rose, his hand was accidentally squeezing the phone and hitting the power switch, causing the phone’s screen to light up.

James looks at the screen and sees the name of Jim – a close friend who works at another marketing company. In James’s memory, Jim recently introduced that the marketing firm is looking for an employee; According to Jim, James was the right man; In that company, his salary is also high and he can work in a beautiful office building, far different from his current working place, in the industrial zone.

“Maybe this is the right time,” James thought, “my honey will definitely be less worried and support this direction when I talk to her.”

James felt more comfortable, he felt his mind lighten, sighed and stepped out of the bus, then out, in deep thought, the bus had passed a stop without James knowing; Now he will have to walk back, it’s okay because his mood is better now, “walking is fine, exercising for health” James thought.

As he walked James felt each step, listened to the noisy surroundings, observed his surroundings; as if his thoughts stopped immediately; His uncomfortable feelings just now disappeared, his feelings of anxiety were also gone; James feels every sensation of body movement, hears the roaring sounds of the city echoing in the distance, the sounds of engines, the friction of daily activities, James also smells the smell of the air. changing from one block to another that James passes by; he could see the eyes, smiles that were clearly on everyone’s faces, for a moment James felt a softness settle inside his soul, so this was a sense of freedom. ; The feeling of peace that James heard about when he went to Zen school, it was just that James couldn’t imagine it at the time.

“So this is the present, but for a long time I have been immersed in my future thoughts and worries, proud and excited with my past accomplishments,” James thought.

Every step of James in the present, every step James feels his mind and mood expand immensely, nothing seems to stop him.

Trung Kiên Wise Happy

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