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Self healing, In this Free healing journey across Vietnam, I have a deeper understanding of how we are dealing with problems in life. More specifically here is the problem of disease.

Sickness is the process by which our body adjusts itself to our living conditions and mental state.

That is the reason when we get sick, we look to external interventions to treat the disease, the disease only subsides, improves, or goes away for a while.

So, to cure the root disease, we need to understand the root cause of the disease and uproot this root. If you understand more deeply, it may even eliminate the dangers that await disease.

So, what is the root cause of disease to do your self healing?

The unusual signs on the body such as pain, aches, fatigue, … are signs of the body being out of balance or blocked or hurt. The pain, tension, aches or fatigue that is a sign of your body’s part that is being… SELF-HEALING.

Some questions that I often illustrate to make it easier for people to understand this mechanism. For example, when you accidentally get a knife cut in your hand or injured your hand. The question is:

  • Does your hand hurt? (Yes)
  • After that pain, do it recover? (Right away)
  • So if the hand is cut, but the hand doesn’t hurt, can it heal? (Well, It probably means your hand is damaged/paralyzed, so it will be difficult to heal)
  • When you are in surgery, The doctor’s job to cut out, rearrange. Does the doctor recover it for you or does your body heal itself? (Your body healing itself)

Yes, 10 people were asked, 9.5 people answered correctly, very simple, right!

That means: SIGNALS of pain, wakefulness … are the manifestations of the process of self-healing.

And when your body can still feel pain, fatigue, ache … CONGRATULATION! Because your body is completely OK and able to recover itself.

Tomorrow, I will continue to share the reason why the body has the ability to recover itself, but we still cannot recover from the disease, even getting worse.



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